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Author:Zhangzhou SEETEC CopyFrom:Zhangzhou SEETEC DateTime:2016-06-11
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  • In the world of Broadcast Television, monitors play a critical role: they provide preview for multiple cameras (and program), allow the TD, AD, Director, and others to frame a shot, and provide multi-viewing control room options for large productions. They can even monitor signal with built-in scopes. Professional broadcast monitors by SEETEC have been widely used in TV news production, broadcasting house, TV broadcasting truck and other fields.
    SEETEC Broadcast Monitor with broadcast quality SD, HD and Ultra HD monitoring! Machined metal design improves stability and reliability. SEETEC new release 4k series with extremely high resolution full resolution allows you to see every pixel in an Ultra HD image! Advanced Connections: SDI, HDMI, YPbPr, DVI, VGA, Audio, Video, meet the field multiple application.