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Author:Zhangzhou SEETEC CopyFrom:Zhangzhou SEETEC DateTime:2016-06-11
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  • AFC Transportation
    SEETEC's LCD Monitor with the anti-vibration, impact resistance, low energy consumption and wide range voltage features, meet the rapidly developing transportation industry displays market demand. SEETEC has developed LCD monitors to provide all kinds of information and entertainment for passengers, also to provide multiple technical information and operation platform for background supervisors.
    Touch Solutions for Transportation
    The main criteria when automating applications for the transportation market are simplicity ease of use, and full compliance with safety regulations. On land, by sea, or in the air, more and more OEMs and systems integrators in the transportation arena are turning to touch as the most natural solution to enhance the end-user interface. SEETEC Touch Solutions is the world leader in touch technology and provides touchscreen and touch monitor solutions for virtually all applications in the transportation field. Transportation touch solutions include: In the Air On the Ground and on the High Seas Touch Technologies and Touch Products.